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The Wedding Post (Finally!)

October 28, 2009

Saturday, September 12th was not a sunny day. Nay, it was, in fact, pouring.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, everything came off beautifully & we couldn’t have asked for a more lovely day.  Our wedding was small, with only 60 guests, the great majority of whom were family. Adam and I had decided when we first got engaged that we wanted a small reception & family-only bridal party, to rely on local vendors & talented acquaintances and family for the wedding must-haves, and to be as eco-conscious as we could. It was a lot to consider, but all in all, we met our goals and then some.

Awhile back, I posted some of the decorations we wanted to make for the reception. Yes, I said make, and although many members of my family thought I was nuts (a new job, and a HANDMADE wedding? Oookay, Catherine) everyone was super-supportive and helpful. My mom is awesome, but she’s not in the least crafty– one of my favorite things about my handmade wedding was getting to share my love of making things with my mom. Even if she’s not a crafter, she’s always encouraged me to do my own thing– and she’s worn every puffy-paint t-shirt and ziti necklace I’ve ever made her like it was Chanel and Tiffany. (Love you, Mama!) Anyyyway, here are the results:

Our take on the fresh flower & bird garland, via OnceWed.

Antique books as centerpieces, again from OnceWed.

Terrarium party favors, from Design*Sponge. We loved the idea of giving a growing favor at our wedding.

And, of course, obligatory glamourshots, because this was honestly and truly the best day of our lives.

let's hear it for the boys! (L-R: Matt, Zach, Adam, Sean, Sam)

My best girl (& our Justice for the Day) Meggie & me

bird's nest cupcakes

our rings

our beautiful handmade arch (which is now going to be the entrance to our garden)

Flowers! My favorite part.

When the photographer is a friend, you end up with the best & most personal pictures imaginable. Thank you, Steph!

Now, go on over to Steph’s website and book her for your wedding, too!


The day has come

September 12, 2009
photo by stephanie stevens

photo by stephanie stevens

Adam and I are getting married today.  Not really feeling sleep coming on anytime soon, so I thought I’d update for the first time in forever. Hi. I’m getting married in a few hours. :)

Steph Stevens Photo = Love.

August 14, 2009

As you know, A & I have been serious about not using corporations for any aspect of our upcoming wedding– being student business alumni, we feel strongly that the economy must support small and local businesses… And precedent/experience shows that the smaller companies often provide better quality service than the larger ones. Case in point: David’s Bridal. I’ve never met anyone who was satisfied with her experience, save one girl who magically needed no alterations to the gown she purchased there. I bought my dress at New York Lace, a Taunton mainstay with a 100 year reputation and a selection rivaling Priscilla of Boston’s— and couldn’t be happier.

 c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

The same goes for photography. While photography firms certainly have their benefits, the most special thing about our wedding experience thus far has been the personal touch of having a friend take pictures for us. Steph Steven’s is a Pioneer Valley-to-Boston transplant with a background in corporate photography, but she figured out fairly quickly that while gigs with one-day turnarounds have their merits, what she loves is the personal aspects of her job.

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

And, since she’s a veritable natural spring of energy, she started Steph Stevens Photography, her very own business. You know I admire that kind of ambition in a girl, so it was almost never a question of who we’d hire. Steph is a close friend of my dear love Cait, and when we saw her website and blog, Adam & I agreed her style was perfect for the big day.

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

Go and visit her blog for more photos from our wonderful engagement gala, including some from the photobooth!


July 31, 2009
photo by Stephanie Stevens

photo by Stephanie Stevens

Our engagement photos come in tomorrow… I’m so excited! We have all the photo booth ones, but what we’re really looking forward to is seeing Steph’s perspective– check out her website, you’ll see why. She manages to capture moments that might get missed, and she’s so willing to just go with the flow that more of those moments present themselves to be captured! (Can you tell I think she’s awesome?)

I’ll post more as they come into my possession, but for now check out my photostream.

A new week, a new list of things to do. :)

July 28, 2009
anna fewster via flickr

anna fewster via flickr

Another week has begun, after another crazy, busy, productive weekend. This week promises to be just as hectic as the last few, and I’m starting to really, truly look forward to starting my new job.

Mostly, though, I’m happy to be un-stressed and feeling very present in the whole wedding planning process. A few of my friends are also planning the big day at the moment, and we are very lucky to have the measure of enthusiasm and help from the whole family as we do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to school lately. I want to, very much, but I think that kind of financial commitment is a bit outside the margin of what we can handle at the moment. Library school, you’ll just have to wait.